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A solo-exhibition  presented at the Glassbox Gallery in Fall 2021 explores the dichotomy between the promise of “the good life”--as affiliated with post-WWII ideology which continues to penetrate and have a stronghold over current right-leaning political climate--who wish to return to a “better” time filled with nostalgic sentiment, placing white middle-class Americans at the forefront of the story and the ever growing horrors that this good life contributes to and negates to acknowledge, exclusionary practices as well as the insurmountable waste affiliated with mass culture and consumption and the demise of living in a hospitable planet.


While You Were Sleeping is a meditation on these climate anxieties and attempts to ask how we can still believe in the good life as these existential threats become ever more pervasive in our everyday surroundings.


The show features a combination of both digital and small-scaled works, created during the remote period of 2020, and larger-scaled paintings and installation pieces fabricated with post-consumer materials.

While You Were Sleeping

Video Compilation (11:12) single channel, reverse projected into plexiglass TV, 2021.

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